Your favorite designers explain why they work with The Shoe Spa.


“Now that you know how Gentle Souls began, there may be some curiosity about how the line is developed. The concept of a construction has to be the starting point. The design team, made up of our pattern designer and our construction technician, look to build constructions that our consumer needs and wants in her shoe wardrobe.”

“Questions like what heel or wedge height is most needed by our consumer? For fall and winter styles, what more closed up looks might she be looking for? In a spring/summer collection, the question would be more for open designs and in both seasons creating looks that are fashionable, functional, comfortable and appealing.”

“Viewing what is already in the market, what styles have been popular in years or even decades past and what new innovations can be applied to certain looks are all guides to building ideas for new styles and additions to our on going and staple year round looks.”

Robert Romeiser – Gentle Souls Sales Specialist

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