Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

When I think of spring I think of flowers and a riot of color. Spring 2013 fashion trends reflect a vision in luscious shades of blues, purples, corals, reds, yellows and greens. This rainbow of colors is encompassed in our vast selection of amazing heels that are comfortable and comfort sandals that are highly fashionable. After all, we are the intersection of fashion and comfort.

Neutrals are no longer just beige and that ever elusive exact shade of taupe. Spring 2013  you must be thinking orange or green and everything in between. There’s always black, but it’s the colors that are exciting and eye catching.

Don’t worry about falling off the “fiscal cliff”, as heels are coming down in height. Many of them have become wedges and are on platforms so the pitch or angle is lessened, and they are far more comfortable and suitable for all day wear. We have expanded our selection of comfortable fashion flats to include ballets, sandals, driving mocs, and loafers while keeping our focus on your needs and desires for comfort and fabulous fit.

Spring 2013 fashion trends are:
LACE – Not just for the bride. Lace accents are colorful and oh so feminine.
COLOR BLOCKING – From beautiful brights like fuschia, orange and royal blue or classic neutrals of beige and black these architecturally inspired styles offer a visual treat.
SPECTATORS – With a nod to menswear we celebrate our guys with burgundy broques and charming chukkas!!
HEELS – With new heel shapes and lower height heels, anything goes
FLATS & FABRICS – The fabulous flat in every fabric. Ballets in laces and silk florals.  Drivers in buttery leathers and embossed snake skins. Adorned with flowers, sequins, ruffles, bows, and fringe – basic to brilliant.

The most important thing I’ve learned at The Shoe Spa is that if you are good to your feet, they’ll take you far. Nobody can be happy if their feet hurt! Many people think that a comfortable shoe = an unattractive shoe. They also think that their feet are the worst pair walking. I’ve seen it all – hammer toes, bunions, swollen feet, arthritic feet, missing toes, cankles – you name it and someone has it. This doesn’t mean you can’t have incredibly comfortable and fashionable footwear!

With almost 40 designers to choose from The Shoe Spa offers one of the largest collection of comfort in one location. Here are a few of our favorites:
NAOT footwear– Made in Israel with natural cork footbeds. In sandals, heels, closed walking shoes and tons of color and embellishment.
PAUL MAYER – The classic ballet with a twist. Made in Spain in colors, silks and cushy leathers.
SALPY – The jewelry of the store. These shoes are handcrafted in California. Yes….made in the USA. You can choose from a fabulous array of fabrics and all styles can be customized even for different sized feet. Almost nothing is impossible for Salpy to create.
FLY LONDON – A new addition to our collection. Trendy wedges in hot colors you wear all day happily!
SACHA LONDON – Vivid and glamorous, an assortment of styles to fit your needs, far from classic.
ARCHE – Known for their incredible softness & style, this collection has washable nubuck uppers and natural latex soles. Made in France, the fanciful shoes last for years and cradle your feet.
I could go on and on and tell you about each and every designer as they all have something special and add to the uniqueness of our selection.

Most importantly, 2013 is the year for you to choose some great new shoes that are actually good for you! Having good shoe sense will take you far. It’s impossible to look attractive or elegant if you look awkward. See our vast selection at The Shoe Spa. We’ll put a smile on you face that starts at your feet.

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