Keep Your Heels On this Holiday Season: Shoe Shopping Tips

Any woman who has experienced that terrific feeling of glamour and confidence while wearing a great pair of heels will declare that there is no substitute for a fabulous heel.  The perfect accessories to any holiday outfit, heels are our go-to for the holiday season and we aren’t ready to give them up just yet!

With the holiday season upon us and in preparation of hours spent on our feet for holiday parties and long days of shopping, it is important to find a fashionable yet comfortable pair of heels to strut your stuff as you make your way to the punchbowl. However, too-high heels have been known to cause knee and back pain and we’ve all been guilty of sacrificing our comfort for style at some point in our lives. If we simply can’t ditch our heels, here are a few tips that will ensure your next dreamy heel purchase doesn’t turn you into a fashion nightmare instead.

Shoe Do’s and Don’ts for your feet


Opt for wider heel vs. a thin stiletto. This will give you more stability when walking. Also, stick to a shoe that is no more than 2.5 inches, which is what most podiatrists will recommend so you can avoid having unnecessary strain on your back.


Look for shoes that offer extra cushioning or memory foam. These features minimize the impact of walking and lessen the impact on the forefoot.


Look for shoes with a solid arch, especially if you’ll spend long hours on your feet. This will keep you properly aligned while also preventing your feet from flattening or rolling inward.


Look for shoes with breathable lining to prevent blisters and regulate your foot temperature. Shoes with soft leather uppers are preferable.


Avoid the temptation of buying that sale-priced shoe that is too big or small since improper fitting shoes can cause you to slip, fall, or develop a foot deformity. The length of your shoe should be a thumb’s spacing from the longest toe to the end of the shoe. Also, buy shoes in the afternoon, as feet tend to swell during the day.


The widest part of your foot should correspond with the widest area of the shoe to avoid the pain of too tight shoes. If possible, look for a wider-width shoe or one that has some sort of stretch-release in the toe box to safely accommodate foot swelling throughout the day or while spending long hours on your feet. Excess stress from tightly fitting shoes can cause permanent foot damage and prevent circulation.

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